Belgien Cremant Mousserande viner Munskänkarna Sparkling wine

Vinkoll på bubbellandet Belgien

Visst finns det Cremant i Belgien men det finns även andra bubbelklasser.

Belgien Cremant Frankrike Luxembourg Munskänkarna Prentavin Tyskland

The Next project is discovering quality Crémant

Did you know that the word Crémant has French origin but is now an EU common word for sparkling wine handpicked and second fermentation done with the traditional method? Same method as in Champagne. The question is if the products are anything near Champagne. Are there any producers that can copy the quality and the experience?

The only way to find out is to go there and find out. It is not that easy to go there because Crémant is registered for use in 8 regions in France, in Luxembourg, Belgium and in all 13 German wine regions. My plan is to cover most of the major regions and publish the findings in the Munskänken Magazine.