Eric Stein often writes about Munskänkarna events in the local newmedia as well as the Munskänkarna social media. However there have been a number of more comprehensive articles from planned travel visiting wineproducers and regulatory organizations.

Studying to be able to give the sparkling course kicked off my interest for quality sparkling. The first trip went to Italy to find the origin of the Talento initiative. We visited quality producers from Franciacorta, Trento Veneto and Friuli resulting in an article in Munskänkarna Magazine December 2014  about the Spumante belt.

The Spumante belt

Visiting  the  Spumante belt.

The following year we visited Italy again and did a visit to Tuscany and found very good Pinot Noir based sparkling in the eastern part of Lombardy and Piedmont resulting in an article tin Munskänken 2015

Italy´s best bubbles

Next step was to visit Spain resulting in an article about Cava december 2016

Cava raises the quality level

Before we went home we enjoyed a visit to Rioja and a number of the best producers. It ended up as a publication October 2016 about new winds in Rioja.

New winds in Rioja

The trip during 2017 went to investigate if quality Sekt ,sparkling, could be found in Germany. We visited 17 producers ti find quality sekt.

Finding German quality Sekt.

December 2017 article on quality Sekt in the

Visit to champagne

September 2018 Prentavin published a an article about a visit to some growers of champagne.

Visit to  Stora Boråkra in Sweden

Okt 2018 Swedish wine from the producer Stora Boråkra in Blekinge.

Dec 2018 review about English Sparkling and visit to a number of major producers.

Feb 2019 VDP new requirement  for German Sekt.

Sept 2019
Sep 2019 visit to sparkling producer in Provence
Oct 2019 Article about and visit to Corpinnat

December 2019
Munskänken Crémantblocket

Article about Crémant the EU quality sparkling

An artikle about Phylloxera still present on the roots of American Grapes

Artikel om naturvinsmetoden

Vin Méthode Nature

Clo del Portal Priorat

Visiting Clo del Portal in Priorat

Visit to Alexandre Bonnet

Visiting the Champagne producer Alexandre Bonnet.

Artikel on svenskt mousserande

Review of the Swedish quality sparkling Wine industry and visit to 6 producers.

Munskänken 7 2021

In this magazine we are represented with 3 short stories. abot the new Cava regulation, Christmann & Kauffmann Sekt and Vei

Article about Swedish Sparkling

We presented a follow up from last year visiting 4 new wineries, Särtshöga, Kullaberg, Klagshamn and Ästad.

Review of Austrian sekt the Quality Pytamide and visit to 3 producers.