Presentations Tastings

About Sekt at Münchenbryggeriet Stockholm

The knowledge about an area often gives opportunity to give lectures and lead tastings inside Munskänkarna wine club, but I also do public presentations.

Below is a list of some major tastings for Munskänkarna

2015 The Spumantebelt for Munskänkarna Nedansiljan at Rättvik

2016  Italys best sparkling Munskänkarna Nedansiljan at Leksand

2017 Cava raises the level Munskänkarna Nedansiljan at Leksand

2018 Januari Rioja Munskänkarna Nedansiljan at Leksand

2018 May Quality Sparkling wine outside Champagne

Wine presentationand tastings for the Food and wine Fare Borlänge

2015 South Africa Mulderbosch

2016 South Africa Org de Rac orgainic wine

2017 Sparkling wine

2018 Sparkling wine

For German wine organized public tasting

2017 May Quality Sekt at Münchenbryggeriet

2017 Food Folder competition preparation

2018 April Presentation and tasting for the winner of the Food Folder competition

2019 May English Sparkling Katrineholm

2019 Nov Sekt and English sparkling challenge Champagne


2018 January SPF Vansbro Winetasting basics

2018 April  Riesling presentation for Henkell & Co

2018 November Lecturing Sekt Masterclass in Göteborg for German Wine

2018 November Lecturing Sekt Masterclass in Malmö for German Wine

2019 Sept to Jan 2020 Lecturing Masterclass Crémant by region

2020 Feb Presentation, tasting Cava & CORPINNAT